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Whether you're an employer looking for help for your children, home, and pets, or you are seeking employment in the most substantial homes of Southern California, our domestic agency in Beverly Hills, CA, is the right place to make the perfect connection.

The Sandra Taylor Agency has been serving the cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for 50 years, placing top nannies, baby nurses, housekeepers, laundresses, housemen, senior companions, estate managers, personal assistants, personal chefs, estate staffing, celebrity staffing, and chauffeurs--in short, every category of fine domestic help.

We have the largest pool of qualified candidates, prescreened and ready to be matched with the finest families.

We offer an unconditional guarantee for up to one year.

Our domestic agency in Los Angeles is proud and grateful that 80 percent of its business derives from repeat clients and their referrals, and such loyalty can only prove how much we strive to stay on top as the premier domestic staffing agency in the cities of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

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