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The Sandra Taylor Agency is one of the first professional domestic staffing agencies in Los Angeles, CA, founded in 1967, our domestic agency places nannies and housekeepers, and a variety of other staff for domestic help. Our select clientele includes members of royal families, celebrities in all fields of the entertainment industry and sports, successful business owners and professionals, and, above all, busy families who need honest, reliable, and capable domestic help for their children, home, and pets.

Our agency has the most stringent screening process in the industry, and refers applicants only after a senior counselor personally deems them qualified. The candidates must endure a six-page questionnaire, and are screened by appearance, manners, attitude, language ability, job permanency, work history, education, driving record, and more, before being approved to enter our applicant database.

All applicants, and especially with childcare duties, prior to accepting a job offer, must undergo a Criminal Background Investigation performed by an independent PI company, a National Sex Offender Screening, show CPR Certification (or be willing to take classes), present current Driving Record, provide excellent Verifiable References, be willing to take a TB test (or any other required by the employers), and show immaculate grooming and hygiene.

The Premier Domestic Agency

Find the well-trained nannies and housekeepers you need when you turn to our domestic agency in Los Angeles. We understand that finding a new person to fill your open domestic care position can be difficult. After all, you want to find someone who is able to meet the unique needs of your home or family. Our agency will search for the most qualified candidates and ensure that amongst them you will find a professional and dedicated staff member who will fit your needs.

At the Sandra Taylor Agency, we have been a top-choice staffing agency for more than 50 years. Our clientele relies on us to find them chauffeurs, nannies, and many other household jobs. Likewise, we help those seeking employment find placement in a home or facility where their skills can really shine.

Find Reliable Employees

Place your trust in our household staff agency, and we'll find you applicants that have the skill and experience that you require. We understand that you have high standards, so we strive to recommend personnel that can fulfill the necessary duties while maintaining professionalism and a committed work ethic.

When it comes to meticulous placement of caretakers, there's truly no better domestic agency in the area. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures your workers are more than qualified. No matter how complex the position, we'll dedicate ourselves to finding you a candidate that fits the job description.

Contact us at 310-205-2810 or 818-788-7599 to find out more information about our domestic help services or fill out an application today!

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